Nine affordable waterfowl hunts

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Waterfowl hunting is the act of hunting ducks , geese or any other waterfowl for the meat or simply as a sport. Findinf the right spots for waterfowl hunting can be a task both because it is rare and it is quite expensive. However, travelling for the purpose of waterfowl hunts is no longer only for the elitist group.

1.North Carolina

This is one of the greatest Tundra Swan hotspot and it is almost every hunter’s dream to hunt the tundra swan. The success rate of this place is a solid 100 per cent most of the times. The pricing is about $555 for a day for three persons. This includes lodging, adding to the experience.


This is a prime location for geese, wigeons and primarily the very famous, Greenheads.
The greenheads are a breed of ducks that breed throughout the temperate and subtropical Americas and also North Africa. The best time to come around this area is in the winter, during December and the beginning of January. The pricing comes up to $300 a day.

3.Baja, Mexico

The soeciality of this prime location isthat it has a wonderful ‘feel good’ vibe to it. It is also known for its beautiful weather conditions and aesthetic view from the hunting spots. However the limit to fowl hunting is 10 birds a day. The best time to be in this location is late January.


This is a perfect location for the cinnamon teal. The race of cinnamon teal found here is one of the healthiest and belongs to the more dark tone of cinnamon. The best time to be here is between April and July. The price to hunt in this area is around $4000 a week on the coast.

5.Pacific Northwest

The second best place to find a ‘greenheads hotspot’ has to be the pacific northwest. One can find Canadian geese and wigeons in abundance in this area. The hunts are only as expensive as $350 per day and can go up to $1400 if you require lodging.

6.North Dakota

We are all aware of the famous Dakota ducks and geese. The place is lovingly called the ‘duck motherland’. Dakota also allows for a day of hunting at around $350. The bird limit is around 15 heads a day.

7.Manitoba Sandhills

This place is called the waterfowler’s dream and for all the right reasons. This province is famous for their huge stock of ducks and geese and the opportunities that it offers for waterfowl hunting. The sandhills are a great element of decoy that aids in the hunting prcesss.

8.Delaware Sea

With their classic layout for boat hunting, Delaware sea is an ultimate dream spot for sea duck hunting. They say that this a great spot to come as a couple as it is completely surrounded by inhabitants. Hunting here is also affordable at a comfortable rate of $250 for an entire day around the seashore.

9.Texas Panhandle

This is an absolute dream location for all the crane hunters out there. Being a vast and aesthetically pleasing location, there are ducks and geese that spree around as well. Affordability comes at $300 and upwards for a full day at the hunt spot.