Archery Hunting

Come to Manitoba, Canada for a true Canadian wilderness hunt. Hunt northern Manitoba for moose, bear and wolf, and enjoy fishing for northern pike and walleye.

Our moose camp is situated in the far north of Manitoba and is a remote fly-in camp. We have exclusive access to this area and the Canada moose, black bear and northern timber wolf are in abundance with some of the highest numbers of anywhere in Manitoba. The northern pike and walleye are fished only when our hunters or fishermen join us for a trip.

We also offer Manitoba white tail deer hunts in the Interlake region of south central Manitoba. This area has an abundance of deer and is well known for its large white tail bucks that have made Canada and Manitoba well known for its large deer.

Our white tail area is also in the middle of one of Manitoba’s largest staging areas for Canada geese, ducks and in a fly way for snow geese. The marshes and grain lands of this area provide great hunting opportunity for the avid waterfowl hunter.

The Spring black bear hunts are in northern Manitoba, and also have great fishing for northern pike and walleye. Our lodge is situated in north western Manitoba in the Lynn Lake area and is operated under the company name of

“Grey Owl Outfitters”. (Check out our link below for information)

.Lea Meadow offers you that personal touch & treats you like family when you are in our camps. The camps are small in hunter numbers but the areas hunted are vast. This combination results in a fantastic hunt for you.