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Learn the art of archery from the experts belonging to the family of best hunters.

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Level up your hunt by going for the big kill.


Run with the hunters to find your target in the woods.

Musk Ox

Find your hunting side in the biggest hunting seasons.


Hunting is a sport for us, and I take part in every hunting season to carry my family’s legacy.
Timothy B. Roe
The experience was great, and I have to say the hunters in my team were highly trained and knew what they were doing.
Robert L. Stone

Our Shooters

Chad L. Ochoa

Louis D. Stein

Marcos M. Holt

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Difference Between Online Poker and Live Poker


Poker is one of the most popular games in casinos and today, and it has stepped into the internet today. Many platforms provide online poker tournaments with or without real money. Whether you play poker online or live casino, it is still the same game, and the rules remain the same. However, there are a few things which have been under debate for calling online poker way different from live games. One reason for a fact is that the players are not present infront of each other while playing, which makes a lot of difference. Here are some of the reasons why this is a topic of debate and why you should know these differences if you are engaged in both the platforms.

Bet Sizing

The first difference you will notice between the two platforms is the bet sizing. You will see the difference primarily in the opening preflop raises. While an MMC996 online game will feature opening from the minimum bets of upto 2x, live games usually have bets opening at 5x or 6x in general. The tournamnets are a whole different story although there too you can find players over betting while playing live.

Multi-Way vs Heads-Up Pots

Live games have looser plays, and players do a lot more calling as compared to the online games where they fold instantly. One of the consequences of this is the more multi-way pots in live games compared to online ones where preflop betting can itself create a heads-up situation.

Calling vs Folding

The live players often are much more into the situation. Their courage often makes them win or loose bigger hands. The preflop calls are very much the ones where live players start making big bets. Postflop things tend to differ again in live and online games. While live players become more aware and cautious postflop, online players are much more comfortable in making higher bets. The embarrasement of falling in the trap of other players does not exist online, so players can blindly raise and call even if they lose.

The Game Speed

The pace of the game is also a major difference between live and online games. While live games offer a lot of time to make decisions, online games always have a time limit. The games take place quickly and taking more than the given time either results in the fold or calling the hand. The players who are playing online are also less patient compared to live players. This means that one can play more hands online compared to offline games.

Online tells vs Live Poker Tells

While live players have ways to tell the cards of other players, there is no way online players can tell each other’s cards. This is because they are not present infront of each other. The only way online players are able to communicate is through chat box which is incapable of revealing any information unless a player is too stupid to tell his cards out.

Despite all these differences, both the platforms are highly preferred as players choose to play poker almost anywhere without considering their options.

Different types of Sports bets

Sports bets

Betting on sports is one of the biggest and most popular form of gambling online casino malaysia today. There are a number of different ways where you can create wagering on the online games casino malaysia. If you are wondering the types of wagering that you can create. Here are some of the most popular bets placed on a sports bet.


Straight bets

This is one bet which is the most familiar and the most basic for of 9club sports bet. It is one of the most common wager placed by sport bettors fro sports like football and basketball. There is a betting line which is referred to as point spread and you can bet on the underdog and you can easily get some points. This is one of the most liked type of bet to help you cash-in. Here the underdog has to ein outright or lose by the point spread to ‘cover’ and win. There is also a push situation where no one wins or loses.

Total line bets

This is the second most popular kind os bet where there is a total line and a number of combined final score of both the team is the actual score. If you stay under the total score or going over the set number. You can bet on a total line even after the half game when it comes to football and basketball.


Money Line bets

This is one way to make money where you picking a winning team without any point spread. The risk here is the amount of money which you are wagering stands the amount of money on the underdog. These types of bets are released to cover only major sports.


Parlay bets

This is an act of grouping two or more picks in just one bet and bet is known as parlay. It requires you to pick any separate picks which can be taken to the sports books set limits. The betting odds in a parlay can be adjusted accordingly based on the total number of picks. Most of the time they start up strong and then weaken as the game progresses. The trick here is to make sure that all you picks might not all be parlay in lost. Parlay can be very high risk and can be rewarding as well.

Teaser bets

This is one bet with a twist where you can parlay but are stilling grouping two or more picks in just a single bet. One can easily tweak the point spread and let it fall in your favour for an overall low payouts. The main downside to this is that they are still very had to hit and can also reduce the overall payout quite a bit.


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